Nneka Shows Us Her ‘Love Supreme’

Nneka is a name we haven't heard in a while. In fact, she's hasn't popped up on our radar on the solo tip since she released her single "Nothing"  back in 2017 (she also collaborated with Joss Stone on "Babylon" that same year). It looks like the singer-songwriter is finally ready to break her silence, though, with release of her newest single "Love Supreme" and its visual.

"Love Supreme" is a moody number thanks to a vibe-y synth line that acts as its base. Its whine is the only melody including among the drums, we pop rhythmically against it while framing Nneka's vocal on the chorus. The singer, meanwhile, takes the opportunity to fill the rest of the song's space with her voice as she pays tribute to a love that has been constant in her life. "Only you are real love / Only you are real love / Only thing I know is real / Only thing so tangible," she sings just above a whisper on the chorus. The verses, meanwhile, point to a disappointment in the current state of the world and her uncertainty about her place in it. The way she describes things, the love she sings of could be romantic, familial, platonic or even spiritual. There's a kind of comfort in that, as well, as it allows the meaning to be universal. It's also why she might've decided to keep the video simple in concept, with just her standing against a black background as a light illuminates her features.

Nneka hasn't intimated if "Love Supreme" is evidence of a larger project, but we have a feeling it might be. Stream the song and watch its video below, and be sure to show her some love by picking up a copy of the track.

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