Peyton Reconnects With Her Youthful Spirit In ‘Don’t U Wanna Fly’

The boldness, curiosity and imagination that we possess as children is something that many of us wish we held on to throughout the years. Alas, the day-to-day-grind can wear us down. Singer-songwriter Peyton is here to remind us that we can tap into that inner child energy with her new single and video "Don't U Wanna Fly."

The song acts a pep talk from the singer as she reminds herself of the magic that she can create when she puts fear aside. "Oh, you're gonna try this / And know you'll really like it," she sings on the chorus. "Feeling like a rocket / Don't you wanna fly?" Dreamy production that mixes soft and assured chords with twinkling synths that match her angelic voice perfectly help to make the advice stick in her head and ours.

The song's video continues the sweetly assuring message of the song by showing us Peyton throughout many parts of her journey. It begins with a young version of her at a violin recital before quickly aging her from teenager to her adult self (which is signified by a change in hairstyle and makeup). The video continues the motif as it shows different stages in her development that are intercut with her performance of the song, bringing the song's inspiring message full circle.

"Don't U Wanna Fly" and previous single "Let It Flow" will both appear on Peyton's upcoming PSA, which is scheduled for release on July 23rd. Get into the stream and video of the track below and be sure to pre-order your copy of PSA here.