Snoh Aalegra Offers A Stylish Approach To Love & Regret With ‘LOST YOU’

It's nice to know that, in trying times, one thing we can always depend on is a new Snoh Aalegra album. So far, the singer-songwriter has been releasing a new album every two years, with FEELS and - Ugh, those feels again being released in 2017 and 2019, respectively. She'll continue that trend when her new project TEMPORARY HIGHS IN VIOLET SKIES is released next month. Having already dropped lead single "DYING 4 YOUR LOVE," the alluring chanteuse returns with follow-up "LOST YOU."

"LOST YOU" is a moody number that finds our girl Snoh dealing with the after effects of a love that once was good. Dark, atmospheric synth and programmed drums act as the soundbed for her lament as she details her feelings now that things between them have changed. "Didn't know that love could change ya / Then I woke up to a stranger," she sings. "After all this time I thought that I knew / You and I was no debatin' / Now it's up for conversation / Tell me was it all a lie? I'm confused." Despite the pain, she still finds herself drawn to this distant lover and experiencing all the feels that come with a situationship like the one she describes.

Snoh Aalegra always gives good love and heartache and "LOST YOU" exemplifies her unique approach to the topic. We can't wait to hear more when TEMPORARY HIGHS IN VIOLET SKIES arrives on July 9th. Check out the single and its artsy video when you dip below.

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