Vivian Green Gives Stunning Simplicity In ‘Where You Are’

Sometimes, spectacle is the way to go. The fact was seen in the recent BET Awards and in the many eye-popping clips popping up all over YouTube. However, other times call for something a little more subtle. Songstress Vivian Green has always understood this difference, delivering on both ends of the spectrum when the time calls for it. In her latest visual, "Where You Are," she shows how long a little subtlety can go.

She turns to frequent collaborator Derek Blanks once again, and he once again gives us beautiful imagery. This time, he sets her at home, starting with a nighttime scene as Vivian is draped in white with silver accessories. She sings of longing to be where her love is while staring at the moonlight from her bedroom window. Dawn soon arrives, revealing that the room is also decorated in warm white tones with gold accents. The video plays with time throughout, taking us from day to night and dawn to dusk, illustrating that she's spending her days, nights and all the time in between with her baby on her mind.

"Where You Are" is, of course, lifted from her recent album Love Absolute. If you haven't picked up your copy yet, we highly suggest you get to it. However, check out Vivian Green and her lovely and subtle visual first.

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