Gina P & Oh! Are ‘Magic’ Together

If you weren't boo'd up when the pandemic lockdown hit last year, the first thing that may have been on your mind once stay-at-home restrictions started to lift was making a love connection. With everyone single out, about and mingling this summer,  Toronto-based artist Gina P has something for your summer loving playlists with her debut single "Magic" featuring fellow Canadian singer Oh!.

Gina P linked up with Baltimore's own JSOUL, an artist/producer who is no stranger to SoulBounce, who laced her with a breezy production filled with synths, bass, handclaps and record scratches. The song has a late-'90s/early-2000s R&B flavor that dares you not to get up and dance once you hear it. The sound bed will get your attention, but it's the lyrics that will keep it.

Co-written by Gina and Oh!, "Magic" finds both singers absolutely smitten with each other as they trade sweet talk in their verses. "You got me feeling a way / And I can't control the way I feel when you come around," Gina sings to open the track. She soon realizes the cosmic cause of all those feels on the chorus, singing, "(It's like magic) Like magic / This that shit, I admit / Your loving (it's like magic)." Oh! counters Gina P's verse with some lovey dovey words of his own. "I've got you under my skin / Don't know where I end and where you begin," he readily admits. When they come together in perfect harmony with a slick interpolation of Faith Evans' "Never Knew Love," it's the icing on this song's cake.

Gina P has conjured up quite a dope song with "Magic" with some help from Oh! and JSOUL. This track is a solid debut that makes her one to watch. Purchase or stream "Magic" now from your choice of digital music providers and follow Gina on Instagram to stay in her orbit.

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