JMSN Gives Sex Appeal & Rock Star Vibes In ‘Love 2 U’

We think it's fair to say that JMSN has a certain visual aesthetic. Most of his videos contain certain elements — including close-ups on him smoking a cigarette, neon lights and a bit of homage to the aesthetics of yesteryear. As he prepares his new album Heals Me for release, he's been giving us these usual elements while also upping the ante a bit, like he did for his recent video "Rolling Stone." He takes it even further while adding a bit more sex appeal with the clip for "Love 2 U."

The visual begins with a few tight close-ups of the artist playing guitar before taking us deeper into JMSN's world. We realize we're there, though, as he performs the first verse while a red neon light blinks on and off just out of the shot. This definitely keeps up a sexy late-night vibe that pervades throughout the video. He does add a few surprises into the mix, though. A smoky, orange set piece features the silhouettes of JMSN and a few sexy dancers while also giving the singer a chance to show his electrical guitar skills. Then, later, we see a miniature JMSN shredding guitar even more while standing atop a comely dancer's hip as he brings the clip to a close.

The talented singer-songwriter has yet to give a concrete release date for Heals Me, with only the vague "August 2021" having been mentioned thus far. With that being mere weeks away, we suspect we'll know something sooner rather than later. Until then, get into JMSN's latest visual when you press play.