Masego Takes Us To Mexico For ‘Mystery Lady (Sego’s Remix)’ Visual

Multitalented artist Masego continues to prove his creativity knows no bounds. After blessing his adoring fan base with the deluxe version of his 2020 EP Studying Abroad, aptly titled Extended Stay, he ended the trip with a flip of one of the project’s standout tracks. His “Mystery Lady (Sego's Remix)” was the TrapHouseJazz treat we didn’t know we needed, and the newly released visual serves the sensory transport we crave.

It’s only right that the beautifully shot feature ‎was filmed on-location in Mexico City, as Uncle Sego would later reveal that he utilized ‎instruments native to Mexico to create the smoldering, Latin-laced track. ‎Brazilian director Doug Bernardt captured Sego, a couple of carefree locals and the rhythmic movements of a few mystery ladies in various parts of the city. Our journey through the vibrant city ends as Masego joins his leading lady Dalia Xiuhcoatl at the water’s edge for a sensual sunset sway for two.

Escape your reality and watch Masego’s “Mystery Lady (Sego’s Remix)” below and, if you somehow haven’t already, be sure to add the full Studying Abroad: Extended Stay project to your collection from your preferred digital platform. SoulBouncers itching to brave the re-emerging music festival circuit can grab tickets to catch Sego live across the pond and in multiple cities within the States. He’ll kick things off next month in London at the South Facing Festival and will make stops in Detroit and Philly ‎before heading to Brooklyn, NY for the Pinknic festival. He’s also slated to perform at H.E.R.’s Bay Area Lights On Festival in ‎September, as well as Atlanta’s One Music Fest before wrapping things up at the Suwannee Hulaween ‎festival in Live Oak, Florida. ‎


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