Samm Henshaw & Tiana Major9 Put In Work To Help Love ‘Grow’

As fans across the globe anxiously await the release of his debut album, Untidy Soul, singer-songwriter Samm Henshaw drops "Grow," the second single from the project. “Grow” follows the autobiographical bop "Still Broke," which featured jazz trumpeter Keyon Harrold, and continues along the theme of lessons learned and transparent storytelling. Over a rhythmic track filled with bass, percussion and violin, Samm details his determination to weather the storms that inevitably challenge any relationship in his signature gospel-tinged tone. He explains, “It’s just a song about understanding that the hard parts of a relationship are ‎necessary for growth and strength and that we shouldn’t give up at the first sign of trouble.”‎

Fellow British artist Tiana Major9 joins Samm in the accompanying Jim Pilling-directed visual and plays his love interest. The clip begins with a strange yet comical encounter in a plant shop while the couple shops for items to spruce up their new home. They take home a bonsai tree, a plant that requires delicate care and attention, which eventually serves as a metaphor for their relationship. As time goes by, we watch as both the bonsai and the consideration between the couple begin to wither. Tiana's character Selah calls out Henshaw in the role of Sonny and his attempt to simply replace the plant with another, noting that one can’t just give up and start over with something (or someone) new. The video is sweet in its symbolic portrayal of the care and patience required for any partnership to reach its full potential. ‎

Give Samm Henshaw’s introspective new tune “Grow” a spin and get into the love story co-starring Tiana Major9 right here.

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