After 7 Are Willing To Go The ‘Extra Mile’

After 7 know that good things come to those who wait on their latest single "Extra Mile." And by "good things" we mean that "good good." You see, the fellas have met a woman who they want to take down, but they're practicing patience and willing to move at her pace. However, Kevon Edmonds, Keith Mitchell and Danny ‘SkyHigh’ McClain are not shy about their intentions.

Kevon kicks the uptempo bop off with his familiar tenor and lets this lucky lady know she has his full attention. "I got my eyes on you," he sings but decides to play it cool even though he wants to put his paws on her, too. He admits on the pre-chorus, "I got options, but I'm waiting for the right one," knowing good and well that his Miss Right isn't in these streets – he's singing to her and willing to do whatever it takes to get her between his sheets. The group comes together to break it down on the chorus, singing, "I don't mind being patient, when it comes to you / I think you're worth all the waiting, let me tell the truth / Girl, for you, I'll go a few extra miles (a few extra miles) / You know I want to make love tonight, baby, for you I can wait a while." The desire is there, but they resist applying pressure like the perfect gentlemen they are.

"Extra Mile" is the third single following "Bittersweet" and "No Place Like Home" from After 7's highly anticipated new album Unfinished Business, which promises to be a must-listen given what we've heard thus far. The album hits the streets on Friday, August 20th and is available for pre-order/pre-save right now.

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