Pip Millett Finds Balance On ‘Motion Sick’ EP

Singer-songwriter Pip Millett has dropped her latest EP Motion Sick, the follow-up to her critically acclaimed and aptly titled EP Lost In June. Whereas this previous work shifted the focus from all the crazy of 2020 to the struggles and importance family, relationships and independence, Motion Sick takes a slightly more insightful and inspiring stance. With its melodic medley of various genres and perfectly placed old-school samples, perhaps this latest release also marks a shift in the sound we’ve become used to hearing from the Manchester, UK-bred maven.

In just five tracks, Pip manages to cover an array of timely themes including racial tensions across the pond, as well as more personal matters such as the transition of friendships and the quest for self-identity. While the project's two singles, “Running” featuring British rapper Ghetts and “Hard-Life” brilliantly capture the strength needed to endure surrounding struggles, the remaining tracks take a more inward turn. Touted as one of Pip’s favorites, amidst an aching Otis Redding sample, “Braid It Back” details the discomfort and uncertainty of finding one’s way back to love. ‎Netherlands songstress Giadaa joins her on “Sad Girls” as they work through a shift in sisterhood. The project ends with the stripped-down “Best Things” where she cites the value in the people around her despite life’s long road ahead.

In speaking of the EP, Pip ties it all together and explains, “I have often felt lost when things around me have started to change. In recent times I’ve realized I’m simply ‘motion sick.’ My core self is still there but without change there cannot be any growth. Motion Sick is about the various changes in my life. With this change I have tried to find comfort in the simple things.”

Give Pip Millett’s EP Motion Sick a spin, and be sure to add the full project to your collection from your preferred digital platform.

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