B~Free Wants More From A Situationship In ‘This Could Be Us’

Situationships are good until they aren't. Sure, the sex may be right, but when one person starts catching feelings and wants more, things have the potential to go left. Multitalented multi-hyphenate B~Free channels those feels and that energy into her new single "This Could Be Us" and its colorful music video.

B~Free has had it up to here with a dude who isn't ready for a commitment or coming correct on "This Could Be Us." He's playing in her face, but she's nobody's fool and lets him know it. "I can’t keep on lovin’ you one foot out the door / And I can’t keep goin’ all in if you ain’t ready for more," she sings on the first verse. "You just another situationship I need to let go / ‘Cause I ain’t playin' this game no more," she continues, letting him know that his time is up. Her message is delivered over a mid-2000s R&B groove of synths, guitar, 808s and harmonies.

The "This Could Be Us" visual also gives us throwback realness to teen-themed videos of the aughts with an explosion of the color pink everywhere. It starts off with B~Free getting ready for bed and receiving a "WYD" text from her part-time lover, which elicits eye rolls instead of excitement. She's unenthused about him and his invitation for a late-night rendezvous. The scene changes to the next day when she's at school with her girls all congregated by the lockers and bopping to the track. That's not the only dancing there is, with B~Free leading four dancers in some smooth choreo. Throughout the video, B serves up cute hair, fresh face, casual outfits and body positivity galore.

B~Free landed on our radar earlier this year with her jam "Hate 2 Luv" featuring Durand Bernarr, and she is poised to stay there with "This Could Be Us." Follow her on Instagram and Twitter to stay in the loop about her upcoming releases and catch up on what you may have missed on SoundCloud.

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