Syd Is On The ‘Right Track’ With The Girl Of Her Dreams

The Internet frontwoman Syd has been releasing tracks throughout the year seemingly at her own leisure without any news of a new project. Not that we're complaining, as each of the singles has been making their way to our playlists. She's also given us the pleasure of providing visuals for some of the releases, including the just-released clip for her track "Right Track."

In the clip, Syd plays a customer at a mechanic shop who seems to have her eye on one of the alluring mechanics. Putting down her magazine she goes in pursuit of the beauty. From there, we're given joyful scenes of her flirting it up with the cutie and even taking the hot rod she's working on for a spin on a racing course. Smino eventually pops up to smoothly deliver his guest verse while literally creating sparks and showing off his blinged-out grill. As the video comes to a close, we realize that Syd's lovey-dovey moment was too good to be true and was, in fact, a dream. Thankfully, we get the realization along with a sound snippet of what could be the artist's next release before it fades to black.

Syd has a knack for delivering a feel-good love story in her visuals, and "Right Track" keeps that trend going. See what we mean when you press play.

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