KYLE Digs In Craig David’s Crates On ‘Sunday’

Tapping into a clever Craig David bag that it feels like he’s been holding on to for just the right occasion, sometimes-rapper/sometimes-singer KYLE returns with his latest single "Sunday." The West Coast representer samples the UK phenom’s hit “7 Days” perfectly on his new track, conjuring up nostalgia for those who remember the original.

On a day of the week that is supposed to be chill and laid-back, KYLE is feeling some type of way as he expresses his frustrations with a shady lover who seems to be stringing him along on "Sunday." Producer Angel Lopez leans heavily on the original's slick guitar licks and 808 drum combination that not only dominated the airwaves in the early aughts but usually guarantees pop and R&B comfort-listening. What KYLE manages to do quite well here is bring that sound into the current era with effortless transitions, sprinkled with today’s slang as he quips, “How you was off me? You was just on me? / You know you want these hands all on your body / Why you keep frontin' like I don’t keep it saucy?” on the post-chorus.

In the video for the single, he goes all-in on the throwback appeal, creating a TRL-worthy look, with a lone guitar player, city views at dusk, Jeep Wrangler vibes and even goggles on the forehead. Yes, goggles. But credit must be given to KYLE and directing duo madebyJAMES for the subtle plot twist at the end that’s well worth watching for.

“Sunday” seems to be a well-plotted move to prepare listeners for more hit-worthy music coming from KYLE’s direction when he drops his next album It's Not So Bad in early 2022.

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