Dornik Gets Apologetic With ‘Make It Right’

Dornik is wasting no time in making sure that we have new music from him. He ushered us into his Limboland last year and returned again just weeks ago to drop off his single "HBD." He's now back again to deliver his second single of 2021 with mid-tempo number "Make It Right."

"Make It Right" continues in the lo-fi R&B sound he's been creating as of late on the track as he crafts a sexy groove. It's set off by warm synth bass and echo-y drums that bounce against each other sexily. Though the feel is sexy, the song's tone is more apologetic as the singer vows to smooth things over after screwing things up while in his feelings. "Sorry that I acted a fool, girl / I'm sorry / All I want to be is with you," he sings on the dreamy bridge. Meanwhile, on the chorus, he's more about action than words, singing, "See I'm gon' make it right / Me and you / Gonna make it better." We have a feeling that this one is going to find its way onto a lot of playlists for folks trying to show their bae that they're really sorry.

At the pace that he's going, we expect that Dornik will have a couple more songs in our ears before the year ends. Get into "Make It Right" when you press play.

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