Ego Ella May Moves On With A Broken Heart With ‘for the both of us’

It bears repeating that breaking up is hard to do. However, there aren't many songs that deal with the mourning the future of a love that had to end. Singer-songwriter Ego Ella May, who recently impressed with the video for her song "YoYo," touches on the subject with her newest single "for the both of us."

The somberness of "for the both of us" is evident from the first notes. Sullen guitar opens the song before the singer's vocal comes in just moments later as she lists seemingly inconsequential things that have taken on a new weight now that her lover is gone. "When I get a dog I’ll still name him 'Bear' / I might still move to Brighton even if you're not there," she sings. "Life don't stop living because you left / Guess I’ll keep our dreams alive." As she sings, more instruments join the fray — including strings, flute and haunting layered backing vocals. They all illustrate a beautiful despair that comes with attempting to move on.

The music video for the song matches the song's mood and tone as it shows Ego Ella May in a barely lit room as she sings. The hazy light flowing in through windows and the cool color palette of the room convey the song's emotion just as vividly as the singer's words, making the song resonate even more.

If you've ever experienced the pain of love lost, then we think this one will either take you back or help you through. Experience both the song and video below.

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