Sidibe Takes Our Breath Away With A Stripped ‘Hold Your Breath’

Can Sidibe do any wrong? We ask that seriously because the singer-songwriter just seems to truly understand her approach to her craft. She's been recently reliving some of her recent work with beautiful stripped versions of her songs. She adds to this collection with another lush rework, this time taking on Reckless Abandon track "Hold Your Breath."

Where the original version of the song was a percolating mid-tempo number, she goes lush and lovely for the stripped version. That means the pace is slowed as synth chords brush gently against the sound of her tender vocal. The track, about a forbidden love that she can't control, finds her cooing sweetly about her confused state as she fights temptation but doesn't want to. Helping her out are gossamer backing vocals that are soft and silky as they enchant alongside the main vocal, inviting us to fall into their caresses just as Sidibe is contemplating giving in to the attraction that's flowing through her.

Obviously, we're a bit infatuated with Sidibe over here. But when the songstress keeps putting out music that's so easy to fall in love with, can you blame us? At the clip that the singer is going, we wouldn't be surprised if we get more stripped versions of other songs in the near future. For now, you can check out the new version of "Hold Your Breath" right here.

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