The Womack Sisters Warn Not To Get On Their Bad Side With ‘Blocked’

It's been a minute since we've heard from The Womack Sisters, but the "Darling" singers are back on the block. The siblings and musical heirs turn up the heat with the release of their new single "Blocked" and also amp up their sex appeal in the song's desert-set video.

"Blocked" is a feisty track that warns a man of the consequences of his actions. While a slow, sensual guitar mingles with insistent drums, the ladies lay out the situation at hand. They sing about a fella who's acting like he's interested but doesn't properly follow through. "You played on my phone like, 'Girl, what's up?' / I reply," they sing. "You didn't get back to me for three days / Why you lie?" The sisters make it plain that they don't have time for guys who just seem to want to play phone tag on the chorus, as they simply sing, "Don't get blocked / Don't get yourself on my block list."

The video finds the ladies showing off a more seductive side in form-fitting and revealing outfits as they roll through the desert in a classic muscle car. But they aren't just there to look pretty. The ladies show off some smooth moves and withering stares, making this particular kiss-off one that we wouldn't mind experiencing again and again.

Get into both the stream and visual for "Blocked" when you head below. And to make sure you stay on their good side, be sure to pick up the single from your preferred digital provider.

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