Davion Farris Takes Us On A Real, Emotional Journey In ‘Sometimes’

One of the best things about "Sometimes," the debut single from singer-songwriter Davion Farris, is that it helps to break the stereotype that Black men have to be "strong" at all times. The artist takes that sentiment even further in the song's video, which shows us a day in the life of a man struggling to cope with inner issues.

The video opens in the morning, with Davion in his dimly lit house with the shade's drawn. Tears wet his cheeks as he sings about dealing with his inner turmoil. The day takes us further into his feelings, with him standing alone in different rooms in the house. Each room finds him deep in his feelings, with the kitchen seeming to bring the most out as it coincides with the most emphatic moment of the song. Davion eventually finds enough will to make to leave his place. Thankfully, though, the video doesn't go with a quick and happy ending. Instead, it's more ambiguous to show that all of life's problems are just solved with some quick fix.

We've definitely got our eyes on Davion Farris and the refreshing amount of honesty that he's bringing to his craft. "Sometimes" might be his beginning, but it feels like he'll have a lot more to say in the future. See him bring life to his inner struggle by peeping the video for "Sometimes" when you press play.