FKA twigs & The Weeknd Go Through The Motions & Emotions In ‘tears in the club’

The club is a place to go to relax, relate and/or release. FKA twigs and The Weeknd do all that and more on the song "tears in the club" and in its accompanying visual. Finding themselves a little too lost in emotion – and quite possibly some adult beverages and/or controlled substances – they shed actual tears in the club.

FKA twigs wants to be rid of her relationship woes on "tears in the club" and leave it all behind on the dance floor over a pop trap sound bed. “Wanna dance you out of my, gotta dance you out of / My hips, my thighs, my wrongs, my rights, yeah / Listen to the rhythm and make no compromise / Cause you hurt me,” she proclaims on the first verse. On the second verse, The Weeknd is the cause of twigs' pain and offers up a cure, encouraging her to, "Girl, you should go with the motions / Oh, unload your emotions, baby."

Ms. twigs decides to do just that in the music video, giving viewers a dance-heavy spectacle choreographed by in-demand choreographer Sean Bankhead and Zoï Tatopoulos. FKA may begin the video laying on the ground in the rain, but she's soon scooped by a gang of dancers and the action takes off from there. She dances for her life everywhere from a club dance floor (with tears streaming down her face, of course) to a containment unit in some lab from a sci-fi movie to a warehouse. The Weeknd, meanwhile, sits in a dark room with tears flowing from his eyes as he stares at a large fluid-filled specimen jar with FKA twigs inside twirling on a pole. The video soon takes another turn when we see a miniature version of The Weeknd running from a giant version of FKA who picks him up and literally has the cause of her pain in the palm of her hand. The clip is a mixture of creepy and deep.

“tears in the club” will be featured on FKA twigs' upcoming mixtape CAPRISONGS, which is a play on "Capricorn sun," a nod to her zodiac sign. All signs point to the project with a scheduled release date of January 14, 2022.

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