Lady Wray Expresses Her Gratitude With ‘Thank You’

We'll always be here for the soulful stylings of Lady Wray and the songstress never disappoints. She's currently readying her next album Piece Of Me for release next month and she's offered up a series of singles, with the most recent being "Under The Sun." Now the singer is getting back to her roots with the set's next single "Thank You."

Lady Wray takes us back to church on "Thank You." And by church, we mean the gospel sound from decades past that influenced the likes of Ray Charles and Aretha Franklin. With tremulous piano and a steady drumbeat as a backdrop, the singer begins the song by shouting out her man for taking care of her. "You took my hand / You made it real / You made me feel," she sings. "Just to be loved / Just to be all yours / Everybody knows that our love's the best." The heartfelt sentiment is capped by a simple chorus that finds her singing "thank you" repeatedly. Everything about "Thank You" feels simple and pure, as an outpouring of gratitude should always be.

With the songs from Piece Of Me all sounding top notch, we're sure we'll be offering Lady Wray thanks when the project arrives on January 28th. Until then, listen to the singer pour out her heart once again when you listen to "Thank You" right here.

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