Maeta Closes The Year ‘Swangin’ On Westheimer’

It's been a great year for Maeta (you know, minus the getting bit in the face by a snake part). The singer released her acclaimed EP HABITS earlier in the year, collaborated with Tone Stith and even got to take part in H.E.R.'s Lights On Festival. With her future looking rather bright, the singer looks to Don Tolliver's catalog to take her victory lap with a cover of "Swangin' On Westheimer."

Don Toliver's original version found the rapper/singer warbling with a slight assist from Auto-Tune over a slow synth groove reminiscent of the '80s. For hers, Maeta takes the if-it-ain't-broke-don't-fix-it approach and keeps the music almost identical. That includes the quiet synth intro and the programmed knock of the drums that keep the song swaying despite its slower pace. The biggest change here is that she skips the Auto-Tune. That choice makes a difference, as the natural warmth of her vocal plays well against the coolness of the song's electronic sound, adding just a bit more spark to the proceedings.

With Maeta still gaining momentum, we wouldn't be surprised if we hear a lot more from her in the new year. Give her version of "Swangin' On Westheimer" a spin when you press play.

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